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    I will echo the others and say I like Makai better. It would make more sense, @beachbum, to call him Makai (towards the sea) than to spell it Mckai. However, I have a very soft spot for Kai, and my choice would to use Kai as the nn, not Mac. I actually do like Lennox and Makai (Mackai) together, but like I said, I'd call the boys Knox and Kai. Good luck on their births!!

    Do you like Malcolm? I like Malcolm with Lennnox quite a bit, and you could still use the nn Mac. Just a thought.
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    I, too, prefer the Makai spelling. I think they're fine together, but I do think Mordecai is better suited to match Lennox.
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    So we had a little surprise. Our boys turned out to be one of each. We welcomed

    Makai Robert fletcher


    Lia Catherine fletcher

    Thanks for all your help. Very glad we went with the traditional spelling of makai

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    EDIT: i missed your last post...congrats on your son AND daughter!!!

    Previously commented:
    I love them both. My baby will also be Lennox if it's a boy. Lennox Michael Andrew. I think Robert is a nice middle and cool that it's a family name from both sides. Is there another grandparent or uncle or something whose classic name you like? I think the two unique gems Lennox and Makai sound best with a solid classic name.

    I couldn't choose between baby's two grandfathers and feel forced to double-middle-name the poor kid...lucky you having twins so you get double the names Best wishes for the birth of your boys!
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    EDIT: I just saw your updated post. Congratulations! Makai and Lia both seem like exactly the kind of names you were aiming for. I'm glad you went with Makai (as you can see from the post I already made (below), I much prefered Makai to Lennox). Congratulations again!

    I think Makai (I MUCH prefer this spelling) and Lennox go really well together. I personally prefer Makai to Lennox (by a relatively wide margin), but I do nonetheless feel they work really well together. In my mind, they both have a somewhat similar 'feel' to them, they both seem like names for laid-back, friendly and cool surfer kids.
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