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Thread: Maisie-Mae

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    It sounds a little too cutesy for me, but not "low class."

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    As far as I knew, Maisie is a form of Margaret, so it's not redundant to me. The sound is though, it's awfully cutesy and annoying tbh.

    Sounds like the name from a children's nursery rhyme.
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    I also have only heard of Maisie being a nickname for Margaret. Though, I have an off topic sorta question. What is a pram? Since I'm from the U.S. I'm not updated on UK-slang.
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    A pram is a baby stroller in Scotland we call it a buggy lol

    I've not heard of any Maisie Maes but I have heard of a Molly Mae which was kinda cute.
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    Definitely not a fan. Pick one or the other lol.
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