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Thread: Maisie-Mae

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    Aggggh! I've seen/met about 5 Maisie-Mae's in the last month. Do these parents not realise that Maisie is a nickname for Mae/May, so the name is repeating itself and redundant?!

    I've just met my most recent Maisy-Mae at the supermarket this morning. A mum with a pram was behind me in the queue, I asked her name because she was the cutest little thing. It was all I could do to keep my smile frozen and resist the urge to roll my eyes when she said Maisie-Mae!

    I think this is a UK thing, I haven't seen it in an US/Aus etc. birth announcements.

    Do names like these drive anyone else crazy?

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    Maisie started life as a Scottish nickname for Margaret, so technically isn't the same as May, although I know that some people do also use it as an elongated nickname for May.

    Even without the nickname thing, it's incredibly cutesy and dare I say, rather tacky.
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    I've met a few girls with the middle name May/Mae but no Maisie May's yet (also in uk). I think it's a tad too cutesy and a bit too rhymey for me

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    I sounds very country and low class to me.
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    I've encountered a Maisie-Mae and a Macy-Mae, and I don't like it. I'm not keen on the -May/Mae/Mai names as it is, they're pretty common here especially paired with a nicknamey/cutesy sounding name - Gracie-Mai, Evie-Mae, Lily-May etc, they just seem overdone. But Maisie-Mae is just so sing-songy and rhymey as well as repetitive. Not a fan.

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