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    Talila and Mirabelle sound great together. Lux is nms and doesn't sound very feminine to me. Maybe Luz (pn close to loose) or for a more phonetic English spelling, Luce, would work for you. Other light names like Lucy, Lucia, Phoebe could work too. Personally, I do not know a single Mirabelle of any age. I like uncommon names too but the popularity of a name is far less important than the beauty and meaning of a name. Trying to find names that no one has ever heard before for multiple children is too mch for any parent. All in all, Mirabelle is a wonderful choice.

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    Thanks for the replies. Yes come to think of it I don't even know any Mirabelle's haha. The names slurring together doesn't really bother me as it's not often someone actually says a full name. Do you have any other suggestions though? I really am falling more in love with Mirabelle the more I hear it.

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    I love Mirabelle Lux! It makes a great sibset. I don't know of a single Mirabelle but i noticed in my local Marks and Spencers (a sort of posh grocery store here in the uk) that they have started stocking an Apple and Mirabelle juice! ( mirabelle being a type of plum) But i don't think it'll catch on :-)
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    They sound beautiful together. Such lovely names.

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    I know one Mirabella, but no Mirabelle's. Lux is the perfect middle name for a Mirabelle!

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