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    Do these names sound good together?

    We have one daughter named Talila Jade (we pronounce it Tah-lil-uh). I love this name as it's uncommon, is feminine and has lots of cute nick names. We call her Tilly most of the time. We're currently expecting our second and I'm pretty set on what boys name's I like but am still confused if the second is a girl. I really like the name Mirabelle. I like that it's long and feminine but still has the cute and common nickname of Belle. I'm not sure if Talila and Mirabelle sound good together though? I also dislike that Talila is virtually unheard of but Mirabelle is a far more common and recognizable name. How many Mirabelle's do you know? I wouldn't want her to be in a class and share a name with lots of the other kids. On the other hand I do really like the name especially with the middle name Lux. Mirabelle Lux would mean wondrous light which I really like too. What do you think? Any other names you'd recommend that would fit my naming style? Thanks : ).
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