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    Baby sister for Emmeline Mariah

    What do you think of these names? Feel free to suggest anything!

    Brielle Amethyst
    Auralie Amaya
    Josephine Clara
    Darcy Juliette

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    Josephine Clara by a long ways!

    As a sister for Emmeline, I think Adelaide would work well.


    Emmeline and Charlotte
    Emmeline and Rosalind
    Emmeline and Felicity
    Emmeline and Lydia
    Emmeline and Genevieve
    Emmeline and Stella
    Emmeline and Abigail
    Emmeline and Penelope
    Emmeline and Matilda
    Emmeline and Silvia
    *Mother to twins Charles and Samuel*

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    Thanks! I really like Penelope!

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    karacavazos Guest
    I wouldn't recommend Josephine with Emmeline if you pronounce Emmeline with a -leen ending because they rhyme. However, if you say it as Emme-line (rhymes with pine) then they are pretty together.

    Of your choices, (mixed and matched) I'd like Aurelia Juliette or Amaya Josephine

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    It is pronounced Emme-Line!
    Aurelia Juliette is very nice!

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