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    River as a girl's name?

    I've recently gotten a bit of a name-crush on River for a girl. There's not really much to say about this one - it's a nature name, and it's got a lovely, relaxed feeling. The one combo I can come up with is River Amelie Rose.

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    I'm pretty sure that River is more popular for girls - though don't take my word for it - however I prefer it for boys. It works find for a girl, and the imagery and the meaning and the colours etc etc are all very pretty and lovely, but at the moment I'm liking a lot of "girls" names on boys (Brooks, Sky, Devon, Phoenix) and River happens to be amongst them. River Amelie Rose is a lovely combo, although Rose continues to be bland in the middle.
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    River is one unisex name that I like on girls and boys.
    I dislike most boyish names on girls, but I think cuz it is a word name, it doesn't bother me. I don't feel that it has a gender.
    Your combo is quite pretty.

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    I think River has a very natural and calming feel. I don't identify it with one gender more than the other. It is more popular for boys in the US. It ranks #407 for boys and #686 for girls so it is definitely not overly popular for either sex and feels familiar on both. In my geographic area River is very overdone for boys. I would love to meet a little female River, and River Amelie Rose is amazing!!

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    I immediately think of River Tam, who is a female character on a Joss Whedon show. So, I think it certainly works on a girl.
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