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    Raymond? - Being named after where you live...

    First time I've asked a question for someone else, but here goes.

    (Back story time!)
    My brother and sister-in-law are planning on trying for their first child in the near near future. My brother is a third generation (father's side) of initials (First and middle) R. L. and would like to keep that tradition going. The "L" middle name is set, as it's the same for all of them. HOWEVER, what they are struggling with is the first name. My grandfather and father have the same "R" name, but my brother has a different one. Sister-in-law doesn't want baby to have the same name as my brother, so a new "R" name is necessary.

    The one that they are struggling with is Raymond. My maternal grandfather was named Raymond and it seems perfect - keep the R.L tradition of my father's side with the "R" name coming from my mother's side. HOWEVER, there are issues. It's important to note that this name is QUITE meaningful to my brother and he has struggled with it for awhile now.

    1. Is Raymond WAYYYY too old man for a baby of today?
    2. They live in the town of, well, Raymond. How completely odd would it be to raise a baby Raymond in the town of Raymond?
    3. Does meaningful family name triumph over ALL issues?

    Hope this all made sense and my rambling isn't too all over the place. Thanks in advance!
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