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    Need middle name suggestions with specific meaning

    I ran a marathon when 7 weeks pregnant and I'd like to use a middle name that has running or marathon related significance. If its a boy, his middle name will be Miles. First name is still up in the air! Our girl first name short list is Nina, Julia, or Sarah Jane.

    I thought about Atalanta (the Greek goddess of speed/running) but it's too unique for our fairly traditional family (I have an Andrew Charles and a Thomas Richard). The race was in the Twin Cities so I also considered some variation on Minnie, but nothing quite struck me.

    I don't really want to use a name of a modern woman runner (like Paula for Radcliffe) but I can't find anything that is both traditional and has this significance. Ideas?

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    name that are (slightly) related to marathons..
    ( i threw some boy suggestions in too)

    Shardae- runaway
    Mara- ( as in MARAthon)
    Sebastian - the Patron saint of marathon runners
    Acira- Breif, swift, fast
    Athena- where the ledgend of the first marathon took place (athens)

    Good luck!
    on the search for the perfect girls name!

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    These are not gender specific and a mix of runners and running related names. Love Miles! Good luck!

    Hera(Greek) or Juno (Roman)- both canonical Olympians
    Diana- Roman name of Olympic goddess
    Ceres- Roman name of Olympic goddess
    Minerva- Roman name of Olympic goddess
    Dashiell or Dash
    Spyros - winner of first Olympic marathon
    Joan (Benoit) - first Olympic Gold medalist in female marathon
    Stefan (Engels)- first to complete 365 marathons in 365 days
    Dathan (Ritzenheim)- won the USA Cross Country Championships in 2005, 2008, and 2010/held the American record in the 5,000-meter run
    Dean (Karnazes) - foremost American ultramarathon runner
    Ashton (Eaton)- American decathlete who currently holds the world record in the heptathlon
    Sebastian- patron saint of athletes
    Olympia- from Mount Olympus
    Victor or Victoria
    Greta (Waitz)- marathon runner
    Kara (Goucher)- marathon runner
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