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    I love it! I used to work with a girl called Eliana and I always thought she had a lovely name! I pronounce it Ellie-ah-na

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    My oldest daughter is Elleana (pronounced Ellie-ah-na), I spelled it that way because I wanted to be able to call her Elle ("L") as a nickname. I get many compliments on her name, and of course I love it no matter what.

    My second daughter's name is Averly (the beginning of the name pronounced the same as the beginning of the word "avenue". I think their names sound very nice together.

    Now I am on the hunt for another girl name as I am due for baby girl #3 in a couple weeks.

    Good luck to you!

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    Love it! It's on my list too

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    I love it and think Emilia would make a nice twin name.

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    I pronounce Eliana like Ellie-ahna. I think it's a lovely name! I know a 2 year old named Eliana. She doesn't go by any nicknames.

    Eliana Brooke is a nice name pairing.

    Eliana and Emilia would be too close to be twins. I think Eliana and Felicity would be a nice sibset.
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