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    My real name is Katherine but everyone has always called me Katie. I absolutely hate it. It's a tradition in my family to be named after a catholic saint and all the girls also have Mary somewhere in there name so my name is Katherine Mary. I get bullied occasionally for having an "old person name" plus the nickname Katie is way too popular. At my last school there were 5 other Katies in my grade of 250 people. Thankfully at my new school there's only one other Katie but there's an abundance of Katherines, Kates and Kaitlyns which all sound similar.

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    I'm named after my great aunt Mildred Mary and my mums sister Jane. Emily Mary Jane nn Milly.
    All my 9 siblings have family names somewhere in there names.
    Milly 15 year old name lover

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    Aunty to: Emma, Samuel "Sam" and Sophia "Soph"
    Catherine "Cricket" and Elizabeth "Zibby"
    and Jane

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    I was named for my mother's grandfather and my father's grandmother.
    Mom to Sylvia Caron and Linus Roman

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    I was going to be Andrea, but my parents told everyone months before I was born. Just before I was to make my arrival, my dad's cousin named their daughter Andrea. My mother then wanted to name me Paige, but my dad made a big deal about not wanting to name his child after part of a book (if only he knew how much of a bookworm I'd be!). They finally settled on Jennifer and I became one of nearly twenty others that I know. My grandfather's mn was Donald and my father's mn was Don, so I was given the mn Dawn.
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    My dad has always admired the Sierra Nevada mountains....and my mom thought Sierra was yeah. That's my first name. My granny's name was Grace. Plus it's a really nice filler. So that's my middle name. I like my name, overall. Only problem is, The year I was born it was REALLY popular :/.
    I'm Sierra.
    I write poetry.
    I have no life--just my imagination.

    Winifred, Faye, Adelheid, Agnes, Anne, Eleanor, Hollis, Arthur, Benedict, Finn

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