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    My mom saw "Serena" in a novel years before I was born. She had that picked out for her daughter's (my) name, but changed the spelling to Sarina so in Spanish it's pronounced "Sa-ree-na" & not "seh reh na".

    My middle name is my godmother's middle name.
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    My first name, Amelia, was just a name that they liked. It didn't really have any meaning but my middle name (Jane) is my grandmothers name. I like having that connection with her because I was really close to her before she passed away when I was 12.
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    Not sure how my parents came to my name... I know I was nearly a Victoria *swoon* but my Dad decided he didn't like it. So I became Rebecca!
    My middle name, Jayne, is the same as my mum's. She's told me two different stories... 1) She wanted to have the same middle name as she knew/thought she wouldn't have any more kids. 2) She panicked!
    Just a 16 year old girl obsessed with names and naming things not yet here.

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    My name is my mother's best friend's name plus a variation of my mother's name in the middle. It sounds like I am named after my father and mother, but it was just a coincidence that my father's name and my mother's best friend's names are similar.

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    Funny, OP, we have very similar names! My name is Kathryn Suzanne. My mom wanted to name me after her grandmother Catherine, but my dad picked a different spelling. Suzanne is a family name that belonged to some distant relative and it's my aunt's middle name, too. Also, it has "Ann" in it. My mom's middle name is Ann and my sister's is Ana.

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