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    My mom was considering the name Lisa until she watched a show on TV about Hannah in the Bible. She commented on how pretty she thought the name was and then I did a flip in her tummy. And I guess that's all it took, I was officially Hannah after that. My middle name, Renee, came from one of her favorite songs from the 60's. My dad left the naming process up to my mom, but I asked him once what he would've named me and his choice was Jane.

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    As Elizabeth and I are twins, my parents had an agreement they'd pick one name each.

    Mom chose Elizabeth, but also wanted Victoria and tried to twist dad's arm, but he kept reminding her of their agreement. He really disliked Victoria, and still does, and it's worth noting so do I. I would have changed it if that had been my name.

    Anyhow, my dad chose my name of Margaret, and thankfully my mom loved it too.

    Contrary to what people have sometime's though, we are NOT named Elizabeth and Margaret because of Queen Elizabeth II and her late sister Princess Margaret, it was just a happy coincidence.
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    My dad just liked my name and my mn is my mom's. My brother has the same mn as my dad.

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    My name means "mountain dweller" or "from the mountain" and my middle could be considerd to mean "princess" or at the very least is a personification of the homeland. Since I was born in the Green Mountains of Vermont I was named princess from the mountains!
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    My mom took her inspiration from celebrities for me. She got Kelsey from Kelsey Grammer and my middle Alanna from a celebrity I don't know of named Allan who I guess had a talk show with her husband around the time I was born.

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