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    I was originally going to be Willow Jean - Willow because they loved that name, Jean is a family name. But they let my grandparents talk them out of Willow, and they went with Hannah Jean instead. I'm a fourth generation Jean. I like Hannah more than Willow, but it was #2 the year I was born. My mom said if she had know how popular it was they would've chose something different. Willow was #853.
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    Virginia was the only girls name my parents could agree on They had different taste in names; my mother wanted Clyde Lucille and my dad wanted Tiffany. Thank goodness neither caved in! My middle name is my mother's name.
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    My mom liked Diamonds and Roses, so she wanted to, of course, name me Diamond Rose. My dad vetoed Diamond and offered Diana instead, and thus Diana Rose became my name. So I'm named after my mom's two favorite things.

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    My friend India's parents spun a globe, and where their fingers landed ended up being the names of her and her sister, Aspen.
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    If I were a boy, I would have been Benjamin for a boy with polio my knew when she was little.

    My dad is Jewish, so my mom chose a Jewish-inspired name for my first. It was between Hannah and Tovara. She chose the weird one, haha. Then she chose a goddess name for my second.
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