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    Adelaide Australia
    Wuthering Heights is entirely to blame.
    Thrilled to be mother to @gnes Ei1ish Madeline and Fe1icity Bridget Be@trice

    If we'd had boys the list was: Godfrey, Seamus, Alexander, Michael, Felix, Peter, Ignatius & Sebastian.

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    I was named after my Great Grandfather, James Emmanual. That's why they used a double "E".

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    I'm pretty sure my parents met a server in a restaurant named Kelly, and they liked the sound. It was going to be that or Rachel, or Leslie. I'm happy with Kelly. My middle name is Ferrée, (feh-RAY) which is my mom's maiden name. My mom's sister gave me an unofficial second middle name when I was about five, and I used to say I was Kelly Diane Ferreé ******.
    Married since June 2007, expecting our first child on Christmas Day, 2013

    Darcy ~ Rowena ~ Hazel ~ Lorena ~ Leona ~

    Eames ~ Miro ~ Bradbury ~ Duval ~ Marshall ~

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    My parents also chose my name for no reason except "they liked it". Actually, I don't know if my Dad liked it. I think he wanted me to be Samantha or Danielle. My mom liked "Alexandra" because it was "not very common" (yeah, 18th most popular name the year of my birth, I always usually one or two or three in all my classes growing up). I got a filler middle because they sounded nice together (Nicole).

    My brother at least was sort of named for an Olympic skier. His name is Kyle, I have no idea who the skier was, though.
    Lillian Elizabeth 6.16.13

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    My mom loved Anastasia but thought it would be a bit much. So she decided to go for Anna instead.

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