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    Names you'd use... if you only had the nerve!

    I love Athena. It has a number of amazing associations, lends itself to a few beautiful nicknames, and feels simultaneously powerful and gentle. Still, the gravity of a name like Athena feels a bit too much for a real-world individual to carry. Atlas falls victim to the same reasoning in my brain.

    I have a few in the astronomy category that I love (Andromeda, for example), but fear a child explaining the origins of their name with an eyeroll and a "my mom's really into astronomy."
    So there are a few more usable astronomical names on my list that I have a feeling I won't have the cajones to use, but keep to myself just in case!

    Then there are the guilty pleasure names, like Evolet (a made-up name from the arguably terrible movie which I inexplicably love, 10,000 BC), which I acknowledge are on the silly side and allow myself to indulge in as, well, guilty pleasures that will never be bestowed on humans. A pet, perhaps!

    Do you have names that you love, but don't have the guts to use (or maybe you're not sure yet whether you do or not)? Why?

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    Raphael, Andreas, and Blaise. My brother has this friend named Dre and I think Andreas is a really cool way to get to it, but the fault line is for some reason a no-go for my family.
    Of course, I'm only in my late teens, so I'll have no idea until the time comes whether or not I'll be able to just say screw it and name my kid what I want. I hope I will though.
    Oh, and Yuna. Total video-game nerd name and I would get tons of crap from everybody for using it, but I can't get over it. Maybe someday as a middle that my kid can be totally embarassed about.
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    Gideon ~ Ezekiel ~ Abel ~ Emmett ~ Declan ~ Silas ~ Ezra ~ Flynn ~ Jasper ~ Elliot
    Maisie ~ Willa ~ Naomi ~ Vivienne ~ Evangeline ~ Gemma ~ Amaryllis ~ Lux ~ Remi ~ Sophie
    Shiloh ~ River ~ Sage ~ Rowan

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    For a girl, my pick would be Eulalie (pronounced ooh-la-lee). I'm obsessed with Edgar Allan Poe, so it would be a nice homage without being so overt. However, I live in a small town in the South so I doubt anyone would ever pronounce it correctly. If I ever moved to France, I'd jump on it though. It just sounds so lovely, especially with a French accent.

    For a boy, probably Ambrose. I think this name is so beautiful and it has literary ties (Fall on Your Knees by Anne-Marie MacDonald), but I just don't think I could burden a boy by having "Rose" in his name. I thought about using Emrys (Welsh variation) as a nice alternative.
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