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    So much harder with girl names!

    Hi everyone!

    I am new to nameberry (although I have been a stalker for a while...) and I really need help with this. I have 1 beautiful, perfect son already - Gabriel Alexander. My husband agreed to let me name him Gabriel (which I adore), as long as he could carry on his middle name of Alexander (I was not so crazy over it but I agreed because it was important to him). Now we are thinking about TTC #2 and it is so much harder now, but I am excited that I can now pick both the first and middle name (assuming my husband doesn't veto them, which he does pretty frequently). I am pretty sure if we have another son he will be Simon Augustine. I also love the name Jonah and think Gabriel and Jonah would be an adorable sib-set but my husband vetoed Jonah. He says it reminds him of the Jonas Brothers... I don't know how he comes up with this stuff honestly.

    I have a much harder time with girl names though! I "discovered" the name Seraphina years ago and decided it would be "the" name. I was then devastated when the Afflecks used it because I assumed it would become super popular However, it seems like it still hasn't become all that popular, but my new concern with it... does it seem like it may become a bit of a "low brow" name? Maybe I am going crazy but I can just see with all of the yooneek spelling possibilities with it, it could go that way... Am I crazy with this? I personally think it is a gorgeous name, so maybe I am just being paranoid? The only other girl names that I have found that I can mentally commit to are Elora (but I am afraid people will call her Laura) and Elowen. The problem here is that my niece is Ellie (just Ellie... so she has hijacked any and all El- names!). Would they be too close? Obviously my family and I would not call her Ellie. What do you all think of these girl names? Any other suggestions? Helppppppp! I feel like I will never settle on a girl name!
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    I don't think Seraphina is too popular- I really like the name. I do think that Elora and Elowen are too close to Ellie though... maybe you could give us some suggestions on what else you are looking for? I do have some suggestions though:


    I see you like names that end with -ine (based on Seraphine and Augustine)!
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    Why don't you look at Nameberry's entry on it? I'll link it for you. If it's likely upcoming overuse doesn't bother you, I can see how you could still want to use it. I do however like the more interesting less used alternatives that Linda and Pam do offer.
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    I love Seraphina (or Serafine, the French version). You might also like Clementine, Felicity, Marceline, or Perrine.

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    I love Seraphina! I don't think it's too popular at all, and plus, I think it's cute for Gabriel and Seraphina to have the whole "angel" connection.
    Elora and Elowen are obviously pretty similar to Ellie, and as an aside, they don't scream "set" to me with brother Gabriel (it seems to me you're a little more adventurous with your girls' names. That's fine, but be wary of them sounding like total opposites). I'm not familiar with the name Elora, and if you're afraid of yooneek spellings etc. I'd be concerned that people might think it's made-up. Though I do like in your signature the possibility of Elora Seraphine, I just think that Seraphina's so special it deserves a first-name slot.
    What do you think of Seraphina Eleanor (or Seraphina Elinor)? It's pretty similar to Elora, won't offend the cousins, and you still get the gorgeous Seraphina out of it!

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