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    Nera or Seren

    It looks like my DH and I have finally narrowed our search for a girl name to two names. It has been pretty hard but we are happy with our choices now, and will probably decide which one when we meet the little girl/boy.

    Nera-This is a name that DH found after he saw a topic here that linked to a medieval name website. He has fallen totally in love with it, and I really like it too. We like that it honors his side of the family (Jewish), and the meaning isn't too bad either "candle" = light.

    Seren-Another name he found, but I think I love it more than him. He likes it too, but not as much as Nera. But the meaning is gorgeous "star."

    The middle name will be Juliet.

    Sibling Names: Romilly Eseld and Artie Gideon Seth

    If we have a boy instead: Kit Orrin Charles

    We loved the feedback on our other threads so I wondering what you thought of these two names.

    Constructive positives/negatives. And I don't think we need any more suggestions at this point. Thanks!

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