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Thread: Nera or Seren

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    Nera or Seren

    It looks like my DH and I have finally narrowed our search for a girl name to two names. It has been pretty hard but we are happy with our choices now, and will probably decide which one when we meet the little girl/boy.

    Nera-This is a name that DH found after he saw a topic here that linked to a medieval name website. He has fallen totally in love with it, and I really like it too. We like that it honors his side of the family (Jewish), and the meaning isn't too bad either "candle" = light.

    Seren-Another name he found, but I think I love it more than him. He likes it too, but not as much as Nera. But the meaning is gorgeous "star."

    The middle name will be Juliet.

    Sibling Names: Romilly Eseld and Artie Gideon Seth

    If we have a boy instead: Kit Orrin Charles

    We loved the feedback on our other threads so I wondering what you thought of these two names.

    Constructive positives/negatives. And I don't think we need any more suggestions at this point. Thanks!

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    Oh, I adore Seren... But Nera Juliet wins for the flow, the meaning (candle- how gorgeous!) and how it honors family. Romilly, Artie & Nera? How lovely!
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    Seren reminds me of Sarin gas, the nerve agent suspected of being used in chemical warfare in Syria right now. Very negative connotation.

    Nera is sweet, easy to spell and pronounce and very unique.
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    I really love Seren. It's such a soft, beautiful name.
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    Seren Juliet is so pretty and mysterious sounding, though I love Nera as well, I went with Seren.
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