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    Helena Astrid Cora or Helena Coraline Astrid (I'd say it Cora-line, not leen or lyn)

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    [QUOTE=namelover77;1899219]It does sound kind of strange, mainly because of the double -a endings immediately followed by an A name. I think Coralie fix both those problems, and though the flow isn't quite perfect, it is certainly improved. Helena Coralie Astrid? What do you think?

    Agreed... or Helena Coraline Astrid or Helena Corrine Astrid...
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    Quote Originally Posted by maddylavyre View Post
    What about Helena Astrid Cora? I think it flows better.
    This was my first thought as well!
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    I think Helena Cora Astrid does sound off similar because of the run of the letter 'A' throughout the combination. Helena with her 'A' sound followed by 'Cora' which similarly too Helena ends with an 'A' and than rounded of with a name that starts with an 'A'. The run of this letter is too much and needs to be broken off. Helena is great she's an adorable choice whereas I really dislike Helen. The 'A' really transforms the name, whereas even though Cora is delightful their are prettier variants and I think her variants would resolve this issue. I like the idea of Helena Coralie Astrid that sounds gorgeous and I also think Helena Coraline Astrid sounds attractive.

    Out of Helena Coralie Astrid and Helena Coraline Astrid my favourite is the Coraline combination she sounds far grander.

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    Thanks ladies! Helena Astrid Cora is lovely, what do you all think of that? DH doesn't like Coralie and it wouldn't sound ideal with our last name, either. I'm also liking Helena Coraline Astrid. So, Helena Astrid Cora or Helena Coraline Astrid?


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