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    I love Theron, but slightly prefer Heron (like the bird.) They both feel like middle name names to me for some reason.
    Tavish is wonderfully Scottish and new to me. I'm in the US.
    I like Tavish with Harrison, Sullivan, and Rhodes... and with Rafferty.

    Tavish Conall Rhodes
    Tavish Rafferty Rhodes... actually it works.
    Tavish Evander Sullivan (ok maybe too many vs, but I like it)
    Tavish Jack Munro
    Tavish Nathaniel Muir

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    I have a soft spot for Tavish, but my DH nixed it long ago. If I can't use it, someone should! I like Tavish Nathaniel, or Tavish Sullivan.
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    Ooh, I'm excited about the possibility of someone using Tavish, I think it's lovely. Not such a big fan of Theron. Tavish William Rhodes or Tavish Nathaniel Jude are great combos, but perhaps you could let your husband have his choice of the combos to get him on board?

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    Theron Everett is fabulous!

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    Really digging Tavish William Rhodes or Tavish Rafferty Jude.

    I think your husband could use Tig as a nn for Tavish, so you can keep your faves and he can feel like he's got his pick, too. (I guess you could for Theron, too, but I think Tavish's hard T makes it easier.) Tig's certainly not intuitive, but since Tig sounds more like a random syllable than a name to me, it seems that it could be applied to almost any T name as a pet name. You might consider using initials to help get to Tig. For instance you could pull the T, I, and G from: Tavish Inigo Asher, Tavish Indigo Rhodes, Tavish Isaiah Gable, Tavish Archer Ignatius, Tavish Gideon Rhodes, Tavish Griffin Jude, even Tavish Finnigan Jude...

    Also, if he like Tig and you like Scottish names like Tavish, perhaps Teague would be a good compromise?
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