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    Tavish vs Theron

    Getting down to the wire and we still don't have a baby boy name solidified. Hubby and I do not have the same tastes in names and we have been battling back and forth. He likes Magnus, Dwight, Flynn, Finnigan and Tig and I like more uncommon names (Tig is a maybe, but the others will never happen) Hoping I can bend his ear my way two of my favourites are Theron and Tavish. If I can come up with a middle name combination that appeals to him we might get somewhere.
    Thought and suggestions on the few combos I have come up with so far??

    Theron William Huck
    Theron Benjamin Asher
    Theron Everett Knight
    Theron Emmett Rhodes

    Tavish William Rhodes
    Tavish Declan West
    Tavish Nathaniel Jude
    Tavish Sullivan Tig

    Tavish Raffert Rhys is too much isn't it?

    Some of the names are family names and some are just names that we find appealing. We also like for middle names Harrison, roman, Lachlan, Cruz, Silas, Patrick, archer, Jack and Titus.

    Thoughts and suggestions please! Please feel free to suggest other middle names as well, I'm looking for fresh ideas.

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