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Thread: Elsa? WDYT??

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    Elsa? WDYT??

    I was very surprised my husband put this on the list. I can't stop thinking about it. I have never known anyone with this name old or young, no one at all. It sounds so cute to me yet refined. Like a German Emma?

    What does it make you think of?
    Is it too German to pull off? We have an Italian last name...
    Does it sound awful with Evan? Too matchy?

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    I love it!!!!!
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    I think Elsa would be quite lovely with an Italian surname. If you don't mind your two children having the same initial, I don't find Evan and Elsa too bad together (it's not like you'd be calling your daughter Eva). We live in a multicultural society so a mix of Welsh and German names isn't too hard to imagine. You can look at it this way: Evan is Welsh for John and Elsa is a German form of Elizabeth. So really they're both from the same style family (Biblical/Traditional) but with a little extra twist! Evan and Elsa. The more I say them the more I like them.
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    I really like it, I don't think it sounds too German, but if this is a concern, then why not consider Ailsa as well? It sounds very similar but is more english sounding. I know someone called Ailsa and most people pronounce it much like Elsa anyway.
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    I love the name Elsa Its on my short girls list. I however am not a huge fan of it with Evan.
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