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  • Ned Richmond

    10 9.26%
  • Hopper Richmond

    1 0.93%
  • Ignatius “Ziggy” Richmond

    29 26.85%
  • Jem Richmond

    17 15.74%
  • Ted Richmond

    3 2.78%
  • Inigo "Iggy" Richmond

    7 6.48%
  • Wilder Richmond

    37 34.26%
  • Ziggy Richmond (Just Ziggy)

    4 3.70%
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    karacavazos Guest
    I really like Ziggy, Ignatius nn Ziggy, Wilder, and Jem. I think Wilder is probably my favorite and I remember suggesting it. Bugsy and Wilder go well! But they all sound nice and I'm glad you found some you like!

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    I voted for Wilder. I worry that Ziggy and Bugsy are too matchy... But mostly I just liked Wilder best.

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    I voted for Ned because I don't know - for some reason I like Bugsy and Ned. But I can see that Ned may be a little blah in comparison with Bugsy. So my other choice that might be more in line with Bugsy would be Wilder. I think Bugsy and Wilder go great together.

    I worry that Bugsy and Ziggy might be too matchy for my tastes too. I think its the "z" sound in both of them it makes it kind of a mouthful. Also I agree that I wouldn't do Bugsy and Hopper. Though instead of grasshoppers for some reason the addition of Hopper made me think of Bugs Bunny, which I never thought of before with Bugsy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blade View Post
    You can't do Hopper with Bugsy-- grasshoppers come to mind.

    Ziggy gets my vote. Bugsy and Ziggy sounds like the coolest brothers. I'd want to hang out with them
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