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    I wholeheartedly agree with Aiden/Jayden/Kaden/Brayden/etc bunch. We should just go ahead and start calling this the "Aidenity crisis" generation.

    All of the -ley/-lee/-leigh/-lei/etc and -son/-syn/-sin/-sen names too.
    Lol "Aidenity crisis".

    Love it!
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    Kaylee - though probably just slightly dated, like the way Alexis is now
    Madison - I'm surprised it's still in the top 10! I'm sure that'll change fast.
    any "-ayden" name with any spelling - Its not as if there are three in any class, but to most, the names just don't stand out or sound fresh, which calls for them to fall out of favor soon.
    Jessica - Already dated, but will be even more so.
    Adam - I think it could swing either way--could make a dashing comeback or have an image of a geeky 20-something--but I'm betting on the latter.
    Alexander - This one will take longer as it's rather appealing at the moment. Its staid sound and nickname "Alex" sound too adult/teen-like for parents to use on a newborn. I think, like Marie or Michael, it will remain attractive as a middle name but dated as a first.
    Michael - Again, too much of an adult name and heard way too commonly for most parents to fathom.
    Robert - It had its heyday. Other names sound fresher and more appealing now.
    Popular made-up name patterns - In the '50s and '60s, "-een/-ene" suffixes were common in made-up names. Just as those names sound dated now, the Raylee/Kylynn craze will be far out of vogue.

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