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    Alexander and Charlotte won't date - they're classics.
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    I will add to augusta_lee's list the character name trend - Arya, Grey, Kendall and so on...I only understand naming after really worthy books, films and games but not just the first thing heard.

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    Alexander, Charlotte and Rebecca are all too classic to date.

    I'd say dated names:

    -Nicknamey names as given names - Evie, Gracie, Archie etc - the most popular trend in the UK
    - -son names - Mason, Madison etc
    - ley,leigh,lee names
    - Ky/Kay- names - Kylie, Kyra, Kayden etc
    - Ella/Bella names - Gabriella, Isabella etc
    - Surname names
    - Boys names on girls - at least I hope this one ends, I cringe at Rory and Elliot on girls, they will always be all boy to me.

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    Classic names can absolutely date. Do you think you'd meet more people named Joan, Walter, Mary, Anne, Susan, and Harry in a kindergarten class or a retirement home? Barring demographic outliers, I'm betting on the home. I like these names and I think they'll come back, but right now, to most people, they sound dated.
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    I wholeheartedly agree with Aiden/Jayden/Kaden/Brayden/etc bunch. We should just go ahead and start calling this the "Aidenity crisis" generation.

    All of the -ley/-lee/-leigh/-lei/etc and -son/-syn/-sin/-sen names too.

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