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    You never know what the future will bring. When my mom wanted to re-enter the work force after almost 15 years out of it, having her degree was really useful. While a lot of her friends were finding jobs in retail, she was able to start substitute teaching and get her credential. Despite never wanting to be a teacher when she was younger, she really enjoys it now. I went through college assuming that I would stay home for at least a few years when I had kids, but with the economy and the job market being how it's been lately, it turns out I'm the one who can find a job in a place that we can afford to live on one salary, and my husband's at home with our 9 month old. More education will give you more flexibility, more debt will give you less. Finding the right balance for you can be tricky...but it sounds like you are doing a great job of thinking about these things in advance rather than letting them sneak up on you.

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