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    Well, my husband and I don't have college degrees. We are typical lower middle class people that are generally in the restaurant business. My husband has been a Front of the House manager or a server for the past 10+ years and I have been a host and server since I was 15. When Rowan was born, my husband was managing a small restaurant and I had just finished my Esthetics program. We decided he would keep working and I would eventually get a job later on. He lost his job this past December and we have since then started a home business. We are just starting to make a profit and are actually doing better financially every month. We hope to have enough saved by January to have a down payment on a house. I love having had the opportunity to stay home with Rowan, but honestly I am ready for a break. I am looking for a part time job to get me out of the house a few days a week. My husband loves working from home and is the perfect Mr. Mom, so it totally works out.

    The majority of the families in this country especially don't have that option though. Both parents have to work 40+ hours a week, low wage jobs and put their kids in daycare. I see it all the time, and it's really sad. It feels like there is such a disconnect in America sometimes.
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