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    Well, my husband and I don't have college degrees. We are typical lower middle class people that are generally in the restaurant business. My husband has been a Front of the House manager or a server for the past 10+ years and I have been a host and server since I was 15. When Rowan was born, my husband was managing a small restaurant and I had just finished my Esthetics program. We decided he would keep working and I would eventually get a job later on. He lost his job this past December and we have since then started a home business. We are just starting to make a profit and are actually doing better financially every month. We hope to have enough saved by January to have a down payment on a house. I love having had the opportunity to stay home with Rowan, but honestly I am ready for a break. I am looking for a part time job to get me out of the house a few days a week. My husband loves working from home and is the perfect Mr. Mom, so it totally works out.

    The majority of the families in this country especially don't have that option though. Both parents have to work 40+ hours a week, low wage jobs and put their kids in daycare. I see it all the time, and it's really sad. It feels like there is such a disconnect in America sometimes.
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    Both my DH and I have degrees, and I'm a SAHM. Mine is an honours BA in Social Science. His is an honours BA in Biochemistry. After we graduated, we decided we'd work for a year to save some money and to get some experience in our fields before going back to do a masters. He hadn't decided on what he wanted to do a masters in, but I wanted to do one in Psychology.

    Anyway after working and saving up some cash for our masters we had quite a healthy bank balance, having scrimped and saved for an entire year. It was at this point that I began to feel really broody and we decided we would NTNP. Lo and behold, I was pregnant within a couple of months.

    My DH continues to work in his field, he hasn't done his masters yet but is hoping to do so in the next three years. I'm at home with Amelie at the moment and will be for the foreseeable future.

    I don't see education for women who plan to be SAHM's to be a waste at all. Most women develop careers when their children are grown - What's to say they can't put their degree to good use then?

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    I have a bachelors and a masters (in teaching incidentally) and am completing my second masters now. I took 14 months off to be home with my boys before going back to school 'full' time. It works out to me working on my thesis for about 5 hours while they are preschool and then doing more school work at night after they are in bed. If everything works out as we have planned it I will be going back to work 60% this fall after I have completed my degree.

    Our choice for me to work part time is motivated by the fact that I am conflicted- I want to be home with my boys but I also want to work (for a wide variety of reasons). Additionally we have heard some research about the long term (adult life) effects of preschool and feel strongly that we want our children to attend (Look in to Perry Preschool Program or check out these podcasts: and plus the LOVE their school and I would feel awful if they didn't go anymore. (They are 22 months old and they start squealing in glee and yelling the name of their school when we walk by.) We were lucky to find a place that we feel aligns very well with our views and attitudes on parenting very close to our house.

    As a student I am not earning income right now so joining the workforce will give us a bit more flexibility in our budget, but it will definitely not be as easy financially as if we were both working full time. However, this is a sacrifice that we feel has positive benefits for our family in the long run and strikes a balance that works for our family.

    I wouldn't change having stayed home with them for the first 14 months. It was an amazing experience and one I feel very privileged to have had, but it also taught me that I was not meant to be a SAHM, at least not full time. I am not that tough!

    Good luck as you consider your future decision.
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    I am a college graduate and a stay-at-home mom. My husband never finished college. I wish I hadn't spent so much money on a degree because I LOVE being with my daughter, who is now 8 months old. When she was 4 months old, I tried to go back to work, but that caused major chaos for everyone in our family. I was unhappy, and Millie, my daughter, was sick all the time. My husband was overwhelmed because I needed more help with housework and taking care of Millie at night. After 3 months of working, we decided that I needed to be a stay-at-home mom.

    Staying at home is HARD WORK! In my opinion, it is harder than going to work every day, but it is so worth the effort! I think that Millie is learning faster now that I can work with her one-on-one during the days. She has started to say and sign words. I am usually able to keep up with housework and dinner, and my husband is able to rest when he gets home at night. Our finances are a little trickier, but God has taken care of us. We are all much happier.

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    Both my OH and I are graduating within the next few weeks, and we're not planning on marrying or starting a family for a few more years yet, so I anticipate I'll be working for at least five years. My current plan is to work from home when we have young children - I'm aiming for a career in journalism, so I'm planning on freelancing to supplement his income a bit when the children are pre-school age, work while they sleep sort of thing. Once the youngest is at school I don't know whether I'd continue freelancing or go back to an office job part time, have to wait and see.

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