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    Help Us Round Out Our List

    Hey again! So my husband and I have come up with a really good list of names for when we start trying for kiddos. we just need a little help finishing It up and deciding what sounds best. Our last name sounds like Sisloh.

    Here are our girls names-

    Cora Annaliese - not quite loving Annaliese paired with Cora. We love Cora so so much though
    Ivy Louisa- this name melts my heart... She would be our little Ivy Lou. Love love love it, don't want to change it in any way!
    Lily- this name is a little plain for my taste compared to the others. But I still like it and my husband loves it, so we just need a good middle to pair it with.

    We seem to lean towards nature names... Others that were on our list or that were suggested before are Sage, saffron, June, and rose as a middle (family name). My husband likes the nature influences and I like vintage names. He suggested Ivy, I suggested Louisa... Naturey, vintage, the name has it all for us! We really don't mean to have all the nature references though, and if we ever had two girls we would not want them to both have nature names (ie ivy and lily). So we would like all kinds of suggestions.

    We like cute girly names but we are both very adventurey and outdoorsy so we'd love for it I work on a tomboy as well.

    Is this too much information? Not even sure I'm making sense anymore lol

    Boys list in progress (see boys names thread)
    Merrick Liam
    Callen Thomas

    Any and all suggestions welcome

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    Any thoughts?

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    Ivy is my favorite girl's name ever, and I love the pairing of Ivy Louisa! Ivy Lou!

    Other suggestions to fit the nature/vintage theme:

    Laurel Beatrice
    Dahlia Josephine
    Flora Margaret
    Violet Eleanor
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    I love Ivy Louisa. My husband and I were thinking about Hazel Louise, which is both nature-inspired and vintage.
    I'm with you on Cora Annaliese... the mn doesn't really do it for me. What about Cora Josephine. You could affectionately call her Cora Jo? I could see a Cora Jo being a sweet but tough little girl.
    I agree with you also about Lily. If you both love Ivy, I'd stick with Ivy instead of Lily.

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    I love love LOVE Cora Josephine and Nn Cora Jo. I mean, Cora Jo and Ivy Lou?! So cute! Husband however was already not totally loving the nn ivy Lou. It took a bit of convincing to use Louisa. I love it because of Louisa may Alcott, and the vintage feel. But I got him to agree by reminding him that both of our grandmothers are named Louise. But he is definitely not going for Cora Josephine. Which is sad

    For some reason I keep going back to R middle names for Cora... Cora Rowan or Cora Rose (family name) but they just don't sound right. Any other suggestions?

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