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    Help Us Round Out Our List

    Hey again! So my husband and I have come up with a really good list of boys names for when we start trying for kiddos. we just need a little help finishing It up and deciding what sounds best. Our last name sounds like Sisloh.

    Here are our girls names-

    Cora Annaliese (not quite loving Annaliese, but were working on it... See girls thread)
    Ivy Louisa
    Lily... Also no middle (see Cora)

    As for boys...

    Merrick Liam- perfect just the way it is
    Callen Thomas- we LOVE Callen but don't like Thomas paired with it. I'd like something not quite so classic, and something soft sounding, like Liam
    McCoy- we seem to like hard C, and M names, and Irish names! We haven't found anything to go with McCoy. Hubby likes McCoy O'neil but I think the capital in the middle of McCoy paired with the apostrophe in O'neil is too much. And too Irish.
    Zealand- we love love love Zealand. Haven't found the perfect middle though. Needs something very down to earth to ground the uncommon first name.

    Any and all suggestions welcome

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