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    19 year old name lover with impeccable taste (◡‿◡✿)

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    Autumn -- just because I like the season better, I guess. Just like the sound of this name too.
    Holly -- this was a tough one but I've always wanted a Christmas baby named Holly, so I picked Holly. I really like Molly too, though.
    Julia -- just feels more classic than Julie
    Leah -- also more classic than Leia
    Valerie -- I don't know why. I actually don't really like either of these names.
    Elodie -- I like both names, but Elodie is a recent crush. Melody has a little bit of a 70s feel for me. Elodie seems more timeless/unique.
    Laurel -- though I love Laura too. Tough to choose between them.

    Ian or Julian -- Julian because I like longer names. I agree with the previous poster that you could use Ian as a nickname for Julian.
    Max -- because it's fresher than Mark
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    Thank you very much everyone! I loved hearing your preferences and the reasons behind them!
    - I think between this and another thread I posted I've decided to finally let Leia go and let Leah hold her crown on my list.
    - VERY surprised to see that there's almost a direct split between Melody and Elodie. On here I've only ever seen negativity towards Melody, so it's nice to see some love for her! I think Melody wins for me on this one now.
    - I think Laurel is off the list. She's winning by a hair, but the reasons people are saying they like her are just not the style I'm going for (if that makes sense). Laura and Lauren are still tied.
    - Even though there was a strong preference for Julia, I think both are still hanging on strong. I love each one so much for so different reasons that's it's hard to pick!
    - Oh, and a STRONG majority of votes went to Max... but I think that just further instilled by love for Mark. Funny how that works? Haha

    Quote Originally Posted by heytherepigeon View Post
    I would just like to add that your naming style is absolutely flawless! I have seen a lot of people on this website with naming styles that just confuse me, but yours is lovely!
    Well golly, aren't you kind I thank you very much!

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    Autumn or Summer? Summer
    Holly or Molly? Molly
    Julia or Julie? Julia
    Leah (Lee) or Leia (Lay)? Leah
    Mallory or Valerie? Neither
    Elodie or Melody? Elodie
    Laura or Lauren or Laurel? Lauren

    (Including my boy options because there is only two)
    Ian or Julian? Julian
    Mark or Max? Max

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