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    Autumn or Summer?--- Autumn. I kinda find Summer to be a ditsy name no offense Summers.
    Holly or Molly?--- Molly. Honestly, the American girl doll. Wanted her as a little girl.
    Julia or Julie?--- Julia. Much classier and ages better. You could always call her Julie.
    Leah (Lee) or Leia (Lay)?--- Leah. I like Leia's sound better, but it's too Star Wars for me
    Mallory or Valerie?--- Mallory. But I hate the meaning. But Valerie reminds me of 90210
    Elodie or Melody?---- Elodie. See Summer.
    Laura or Lauren or Laurel? --- Laura. Ageless classic. I don't care that people think it's dated. It's beautiful.

    (Including my boy options because there is only two)
    Ian or Julian?---- Julian. Could always call him Ian
    Mark or Max?--- Mark. Max is kinda overdone IMO.
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    Autumn by a hair
    Molly but I like both
    Leia by a mile
    Valerie also by a mile
    Laurel or Laura, but I'm not a fan of any of these

    Julian but they're both great
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    Autumn- it just seems fresher than summer and I used to know an autumn who was just precious
    Molly- I like the m sound better
    Julie- simpler and crisper
    Leah- not fond of names with the lay sound in them
    Mallory- used to really like this because of my fave books when I was a kid
    Elodie- Melody is too 80's for me
    Laurel- Laura is boring, Lauren is okay but Laurel is prettier

    Julian- Ian is blah, Julian is a lot more fun and I love the nn Jules
    Max- never liked Mark. Max is a little too overdone for me, but at least it is funner than Mark.
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    Summer- A sunny, happy name. Autumn feels very dated to me, I never really got the appeal.
    Holly- A cheeful, subtle nature name that stands alone well. Agree with pp who said Molly seems more like a nn.
    Julia- Gorgeous, feminine and refined with the cute nn Julie built right in!
    Leah- A little plain, but very trustworthy. Just style her hair in side buns and go for the Star Wars slant rhyme...
    Valerie- That desirable V first initial. Mallory for some reason has that 'mean kid on the playground' image for me.
    Melody- Much softer and musical, plus ties to the Little Mermaid any girl would love. Elodie starts off so harsh.
    Laurel- Laurel is my favorite. The most trendy by today's standards but certainly very cute and naturey. Laura second, Lauren third.

    Julian- Longer, luscious boy name with the option of going by Ian as well.
    Max- Max is such a wholesome guy with so many great namesakes and that cool factor X. Mark is a bit boring to me in comparison. =]
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