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    Mark (love this name! so underused now)

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    Thanks everyone

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    Autumn or Summer? Autumn! It is a favorite of mine. I love the imagery it brings up and the emotions it stirs. It seems fresh and crisp, colorful and romantic.

    Holly or Molly? Holly! Tough choice. I like both. Molly seems like more of a nickname, while Holly stands better on its own. Perfect for a December baby.

    Julia or Julie? Julia! Julie was commonly used name while I was growing up, and it seems dated and boring to me. Julia feels fresh. I like Juliet the most though.

    Leah (Lee) or Leia (Lay)? Neither sorry.

    Mallory or Valerie? I feel neutral about these two.

    Elodie or Melody? Elodie! Feels fresher than Melody. Really love Elodie.

    Laura or Lauren or Laurel? Lauren! Has been consistently popular for a long time for a good reason. Its a great name. Laura feels dated and Laurel just doesn't appeal to me much.

    Ian or Julian? Ian!!!! I can't express how much I prefer Ian over Julian. I never liked Julian. It is probably one of my least favorite boy names. Ian is great and underused!

    Mark or Max? Max!! Mark is so boring. Max is trendy but completely lovable!
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    Autumn or Summer - neither...I'd prefer Winter, June, May...
    Holly or Molly - like both, but Molly wins here. Seems more timeless.
    Julia or Julie - Juliet! But between these two, Julia wins for me, again because she's more timeless.
    Leah (Lee) or Leia (Lay) - Leah!
    Mallory or Valerie - I'm torn here. I want to like Mallory, but the "mal" part means bad or sick in French, and Valerie seems a little dated. I think I like Mallory better though actually.
    Elodie or Melody - Elodie by a long shot...Melody always seems a little tacky to me. If you want a musical name, I like Aria.
    Laura or Lauren or Laurel - they're all nice, but I like Lauren best.

    Ian or Julian - I like both, but I think a boy would prefer being called Ian. I think boys like having short and simple names.
    Mark or Max - Max! Again, what boy wouldn't love being a Max!? Whereas with Mark, I always think of a scuff of stain - "Shoe Mark!" "Oh no, there's a mark on the new couch" etc...

    Overall, you have some great choices. My favourites are Molly, Julia and Elodie.

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