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    This or That - Help pick between my similar names

    Hello all!

    Today I was hoping I could get some help choosing between my favorite names that are very similar. A lot of these options are all in my top 20-30 range, but it makes more sense to have only one of them due to the similarity. I was hoping you all could help by picking which one out of each group you prefer. Reasons would be VERY much appreciated.

    Thank you in advance!

    Autumn or Summer?
    Holly or Molly?
    Julia or Julie?
    Leah (Lee) or Leia (Lay)?
    Mallory or Valerie?
    Elodie or Melody?
    Laura or Lauren or Laurel?

    (Including my boy options because there is only two)
    Ian or Julian?
    Mark or Max?

    If you could tell me why that would be lovely
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