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Thread: Sister for Cora

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    I agree that Pearl is just perfect! I think Rose or Primrose would be So cute with Cora too..Cora Lily and...
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    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    1. Ivy: My favorite. Short and sweet and feminine. A nice inverted match with Lily so each girl would each have a nature reference. Cora and Ivy just sound perfect together to me. It's spunky and less common and every Ivy that I have ever known has been super sweet.
    2. Esme: I love this one too, another beautiful name with 4 letters but completely it's own sound. I can definitely see Esme as Cora's little sister.
    3. Ella: I've just always loved this name. It sounds very sparkly to me which is also how I feel about Cora and I think it holds it's own next to her.

    I think Ivy is my favorite by a slight margin, but they're all great. Cora is Such a beautiful name, it's always been a favorite of mine. You've had some great suggestions and your short list is looking very nice, I'm sure that any name you choose will sound lovely with big sister's. Good luck! =]
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    Quote Originally Posted by scottishnameobsessed View Post
    Lots of love for Esme which I agree works really well. Also has a scottish connection (albeit as a boys name!) which is great. DH surprisingly likes it so may be on to a winner!!!
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    I love Esme with Cora as well. It's great that both you and your hubby like it!
    It's so different from Cora and yet just as strong.
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