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Thread: Sister for Cora

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    Ivy, Lila and Esme!

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    Cora is beautiful!!!

    My immediate reaction when reading your entry was Liza. Not Eliza, not Elizabeth, just Liza. I love it so!!

    From your list of favorites I also really really adore ivy. I feel the same about iris too. So my top 3 for you would be....

    Cora + Ivy
    Cora + Iris
    Cora + Liza

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    Some suggestions: Emmeline, Imogene, Sophia, Ameline

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    Lots of love for Esme which I agree works really well. Also has a scottish connection (albeit as a boys name!) which is great. DH surprisingly likes it so may be on to a winner!!!

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    A little late to the party, but I wanted to suggest Louisa -- obviously my favorite, since it's my daughter's name. It has the vintage charm of Cora and is surprisingly unusual (at least in the US). I also like the suggestion of Eloise.

    Of your list, Ivy is definitely my favorite.

    Good luck and have fun deciding!
    mother to Louisa (born 11/22/2010) and Frederik (born 2/19/2013)

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