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Thread: My top 5

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    My top 5

    Hi all. I'm not pregnant, just a name nerd, and would love some feedback on my top 5 names of the moment.

    1. Lyra Florence
    2. Phoebe Arabella
    3. Hermione Pearl *Mia*
    4. Brooke Ophelie
    5. Livia Caroline *Livvy/Liv/Via* (Not really sure about the middle name, any suggestions?)

    1. Asa Bellamy Jack
    2. Tate Montgomery
    3. Noah Stanley (Stanley would be after his grandpa)
    4. Roman Alexander *Rome*
    5. Hayes Riley

    Thanks Berries!
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    1. Lyra Florence - I don't like Lyra, I have bad associations with this name
    2. Phoebe Arabella - Lovely
    3. Hermione Pearl *Mia*- Pretty, but Hermione's pretty tied to Harry Potter
    4. Brooke Ophelie - Brooke Ophelia sounds better. Nice names though
    5. Livia Caroline *Livvy/Liv/Via* (Not really sure about the middle name, any suggestions?) Caroline works, though it looks like you can't spell Olivia

    1. Asa Bellamy Jack - I don't like Bellamy at all. Asa is ok.
    2. Tate Montgomery - Not my style of names
    3. Noah Stanley (Stanley would be after his grandpa) - Nice
    4. Roman Alexander *Rome* - I don't like Rome as a nickname
    5. Hayes Riley - Two surname names don't work.
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    1. Lyra Florence - love Lyra! Florence is okay, but I'm not sure about the repeated L and R sounds with it. Lyra Felicity, Lyra Pearl, Lyra Gwendolyn
    2. Phoebe Arabella - pretty
    3. Hermione Pearl *Mia* - cute, Hermione's not one I'd consider using as a first, but it's cute
    4. Brooke Ophelie - my first instinct is to pronounce Ophelie the same way as awfully
    5. Livia Caroline *Livvy/Liv/Via* - Livia is one of my absolute favorites. I understand the problem with Olivia also, but I still adore it. I think Livia Caroline sounds very nice. Other options might be: Livia Marine, Livia Naomi, Livia Celeste, Livia Noelle, Livia Wren

    1. Asa Bellamy Jack - I'm not fond of Asa
    2. Tate Montgomery - this is super cute! I really like it
    3. Noah Stanley (Stanley would be after his grandpa) - I like Noah, and Stanley sounds fine with it.
    4. Roman Alexander *Rome* - this is super Roman sounding as a combo. Roman Elias, Roman Leander, Roman Wesley, Roman Stanley
    5. Hayes Riley - Hayes is nice, but I think it's too y heavy with Riley. Hayes Alexander? Hayes Montgomery?
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    1. Lyra Florence = love the names individually, but they feel wrong together
    2. Phoebe Arabella = I love Phoebe, but Arabella fells to frilly beside it to me
    3. Hermione Pearl *Mia* = Beautiful, but I think Mia is a stretch as a nn
    4. Brooke Ophelie = I'm not a fan of Brooke; it seems dated to me
    5. Livia Caroline *Livvy/Liv/Via* (Not really sure about the middle name, any suggestions?) = Very nice; I'd use Liv as a nn

    1. Asa Bellamy Jack = I'm not loving Asa, though I am a fan of the similarish Ira (and Ezra); Bellamy feels feminine to me, as well
    2. Tate Montgomery = Not bad, though Tate reminds me of potatoes
    3. Noah Stanley (Stanley would be after his grandpa) = my favourite of your combos
    4. Roman Alexander *Rome* = Love Alexander, but I find Roman over the top
    5. Hayes Riley = Hayes is interesting, but I'd find a new middle; Riley seems so overdone
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    Hermione Pearl
    Phoebe Arabella
    Noah Stanley

    I also like (invidually but not in the combos you have): Brooke, Livia, Caroline, Asa, Alexander.

    Hayes Riley is cool but a little gender ambiguous. I prefer to be able to tell if a name belongs to a boy or a girl by hearing it.

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