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    2 questions - Spelling of first name and middle name suggestions.

    My wife and I have decided on a first name after much discussion, only now we need to decide on how to spell it and decide on a middle name...

    First name Makenna or McKenna???

    Also we need a middle name and I was hoping to get some suggestions. We both kind of like the one syllable names but also have a flare for the unique so pretty much we are open to anything.

    Thanks for all your help and replies/suggestions!

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    McKenna for sure

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    Hmm... I like the name, but I don't like a second capital letter, and at the same time Makenna just doesn't seem complete to me... I would spell it Mackenna, but of the two you listed I like Makenna better. With a more cutesy first name I like classic middle names.

    Mackenna Grace
    Mackenna Allison
    Mackenna Vivienne
    Mackenna Catherine
    Mackenna Charlotte

    Or something more fun
    Mackenna Skye
    Mackenna Raine
    Mackenna Heidi
    Mackenna Scarlett
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    I prefer McKenna.
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