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Thread: Apollonia!

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    I love Apollonia! In Catalan, it's Apol·lònia, which I think is AMAZING! You can hear that version here:

    Thing is, as much as I love it, I don't really know what to do with it.
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    Love, Love, LOVE Apollonia! I go back and forth between this spelling and the Slovak Apolena (though this one is said slightly different). While it is of Greek origin, it has a history in Italy as well (in my family, mainly Sicily and in the Belluno region of Northern Italy -- though in my family appears more frequently as the male form, Apollonio). Apollonia is the patron saint of my great-grandmother's town in Belluno. Also, in Latin, Polonia is the word for Poland, so I also like it because it works to connect both of my parents heritage.

    My preferred nickname is Polly, but I could see Nia or Nina (as well as Apple).

    Ideas That I have had:

    Apollonia Josephine
    Apollonia Eva (also Eva Apollonia)
    Apollonia Evangeline (very long though)
    Apollonia Regina
    Apollonia Irene
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    Yes! Purple Rain was exactly what I tought of too. Sorry, but I can't imagine it as a real name in the US as a consequence

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    Thanks Berries!
    I never thought of the purple Rain association before!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigsweater View Post
    Purple Rain.
    Exactly! But i think that's awesome though, i love myself a bit of 80's kitch!
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