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    My choices would be.....

    1. Rosemary
    2. Marguerite
    3. Charlotte (though if you're looking for something not overdone, I would stay away from this one, it's listed as #19 on the ssa list)
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    Charlotte is my favourite of your list.
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    I love your list, hard to go wrong!
    I'm surprised people have noted Rosemary as overdone, I don't hear it except on nameberry. It's one of my favorites.
    Rosemary Elise or Rosemary Bess
    I love Juliette (I have a Juliet, 9 months). Juliette Samantha, Juliette Elise
    Marguerite - pretty but seems a lot of name on a day-to-day basis. I realize it's not longer than other names, it's not the length really. Maybe it's a combination of the length, the French-ness, something. It's really lovely though. I think I just wouldn't want to be named Marguerite myself. Marguerite Bess or Marguerite Elise.
    Charlotte - definitely the most popular on your list and I know a lot of little Charlottes running around. Charlotte Elise is lovely.

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    Rosemary is my favorite, surprised to hear it being 'overdone' I have never heard this name on a baby. Rosemary is my middle name and my Granny's name, I love it. It has such a sweet, old timey feel to it.
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    I like Charlotte the best, but I think Juliette is good too. Charlotte Elise or Juliette Samantha would be cute. Rosemary is fine, but seems a bit dated to me, and I don't like Marguerite at all
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