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    We have decided her name is Fargo, we just can't find anything we like better. Far is cute too!

    Her full name will be Fargo Sapphire.
    Here is an updated picture for you all.
    Maren Jamesina Claire, Ellis Honora Bee, Agatha Caroline Mercy, Wilhelmina Thisbe Anne, Lorelai Matilda Jane

    Montgomery Walter Reid, Gilbert Bradford Jude, Bodhi Sullivan Magnus, Abner Gideon Rhys, Lysander Scott Canaan

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    Blue Merle Aussie puppy

    Hello! I will get blue Merle female puppy thru Breeder next month. I was planning to name her Toffee but I see that it is for red Merle. So far, I like Shyla. My friend recommends me to find some cute names since we are hikers. Any suggestion?


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