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    Question Name for my Mini Aussie

    I've been in search for a mini aussie for awhile now, and we finally found a breeder that's close and she has a female that is pregnant right now and due to have her pups within the next week.
    My husband and I are for sure getting a merle female but we don't know if we are getting red or blue. We want red but she says she usually has a lot of blue merles and not many reds.

    So I've been thinking of names and here is my list (in order of preference)

    Reba (Red Merle only)

    As you can see I'm into a little bit different dog names than just your standard Lady, Bailey, Maggie, and Lucy.
    We currently have a Newfoundland named Kramer, so something you can pronounce and have heard of but may not hear on a dog too often is perfect.

    Any other ideas for names would be great! Also tell me your favorite from my list.

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    Is it an Australian Shepherd or an Australian Terrier? I like Daphne from your list. Lux and Snow would be better for a light coated dog.


    Names like Fargo (Fargo is too much of a Dakota place name as well as a film): Margo/Margot, Marlowe
    Names like Juno/Juneau - Iris, Phoebe, Clio, Alba, Luna, Lyra
    Names like Reba (sorry but all I think about is Reba McEntire) - Nora, Mabel/Maybelle, Nola, Sadie, Lucy/Lucille, Hattie, Bessie
    All the best,

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    It's an Australian Shepherd and a lot of the Blue Merles have quite a bit of white on them, that's why I thought Lux or Snow may work.

    I live in North Dakota currently so Fargo doesn't bother me, especially because when we move back to Minnesota it's kind of a nice reminder of when we did live in ND.

    Phoebe and Hattie are pretty much the only ones I like from what you suggested. I have Norah on my baby name list so I would never use it on a dog. Sadie is too "typical dog name" though I do like it, I want to be a little more creative.

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    I think Snow is rather lovely for a Mini Aussie -- especially if she has a lot of white, but if you use it you must commit with all your heart to never using "NO!" You can use "Leave It" or something else, but "no" so close to "snow" would not only be confusing but leave your dog thinking you hated her and were confused about the difference between her behavior and her very self.

    I also like Sky for this breed, for obvious reasons, but it might be too much of a cliche for you. Oceana is cool for a blue merle, if it is not too French and fancy for your taste. Sky or water imagery works well -- Wave, Cloud. Bluebell. Just kidding. I don't know why I threw that in.

    I don't know about you, but I like names for dogs that seem classic but are not over-used -- Piper (except you already have an 'er' ending). I like Posy and Pansy, which might not be your style at all. How about Dinah or Diantha? If you want an Aussie name, there is a beach there, Kirra. I think that makes a nice name.

    I love the red merles, too. I think Reba would be adorable for one.

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    I love Reba for a red merle!

    other suggestions..

    blue merle

    Nike, Fly, Magpie, Rain, Fizz, Dusk, Boots, Clover, Zipper, Sketch, Ecko

    Red Merle


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