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    * Duly noted already * XD keep them coming please my lovelies. xxx

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    How about Hannah Rayne Taylor? I think that looks stunning. Hannah isn't super common, but is well known. Cute nn could be Annie, Anna. I have a cousin named Hannah, and everyone called her Bee when she was little. Because it was like Hannah-Honey-Honey Bee-Bee. haha, weird, but Bee was adorable.
    Other names...
    Allison Rayne (Allie)
    Willa Rayne - be careful, Willa is like Will, and Will Rain. Will it Rain? Get it? So watch out for that.
    Jane (Janie) Rayne
    Seraphina Rayne
    Fiona Rayne - this is really pretty!
    Chloe Rayne - I don't like it as much, but maybe you will!
    Bailey Rayne (really similar to Hailey)
    Kayley Raine (again, similar to Hailey)
    Layla Rayne

    Hope this has helped! I still love Hannah Rayne Taylor though! And Hannah Taylor works well too!
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    I think bee is a cute nickname and have thought of bringing it into names before, she is already known as baby bug due to me being jadey bug among friends lol. I like seraphina but oh doesn't , alison and willa i am not keen on at all, chloe is popular this neck of the woods, layla is my neice, fiona is pretty but i don't so much like the nn fifi... Bailey is cute - Kaylie is my bestest friend ever lol. I dislike the name jane and it's plain jane conotations. But thank you very much Our first choice of name we were set on was ember or emberly. i Think Bumble bee / bee could fit in well with that name cos of the sound XD Plus one of her nn i would call her around the house would be emby. So Bee could come natural too. But not sure how it works. Emberly Rayne Taylor. Or Ember Leigh Taylor. Should they or one of them be an option? Maybe should ask another question as well as this.x

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