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    Okay and breathe...

    You know it's okay not to have the name finalised and this very moment! I know loads of people who have waited till the day of the birth looked at their child gone through their lists and decided yes she/he's a Wilhelmina or William for example. Don't worry. I'm not keen on Hailey as a name I've never liked her she seems bland. But I think Rayne is a intriguing choice and the family associations are also great.

    Elisabeth - G-d's vow
    Elisabeth Rayne Taylor - 'Lisa'

    Joelle - Jehovah is G-d
    Joelle Rayne Taylor - 'Ellie'

    Selena - the moon
    Selena Rayne Taylor - 'Lena'

    Alexandra - defender of mankind
    Alexandra Rayne Taylor - 'Lexi'

    Scarlett - red
    Scarlett Rayne Taylor - 'Letty'

    Matilda - battle strength
    Matilda Rayne Taylor - 'Tilly'

    Orlaith - golden queen - pro. Orla
    Orlaith Rayne Taylor - 'Orly'

    Carmen - garden, orchard and in Latin song
    Carmen Rayne Taylor - 'Carrie'

    Susannah - lily
    Susannah Rayne Taylor - 'Anna'

    Eleanor - sun ray, light
    Eleanor Rayne Taylor - 'Leni'

    Zara - princess
    Zara Rayne Taylor - 'Zee'

    Louisa - famous warrior
    Louisa Rayne Taylor - 'Lulu'

    Hope this helped x

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    I empathize with you and I think Rayne is a great middle name. Trying to look at feminine, different but not too unique or trendy.

    Victoria Rayne Taylor - (nickname Vica or Tori)
    Sidney (Sidonia or Sidonie are foreign variations) Rayne Taylor
    Aveline Rayne Taylor
    Joelle Rayne Taylor
    Claudia Rayne Taylor
    Addison Rayne Taylor (nickname Addy)
    Elodie Rayne Taylor
    Josephine Rayne Taylor - (nickname Josie)
    Zoe Rayne Taylor
    Sadie Rayne Taylor
    Cassidy Rayne Taylor
    Danica Rayne Taylor

    If you can reply with any you love/hate, it will help others narrow down from Hailey.

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    Well alot are popular and seen over and over i don't like to point them out and seem ungrateful, i like cassidy but not overly keen to use cassie or cass as a nickname and agin although i love it i know it isn't HER name if that makes sense. I am not keen on danica, i don't like the way it sounds, josephine is a little too old fashioned even though i like others from it's time, also it is becoming very popular of late, i like elodie, addison , adelaide, eliana, phoebe , ariana etc but again either other half doesn't or i don't find the nicknames right or girlie enough. I also like violet alot but feel sad the only nickname will be vi, plus i think it may be quite popular at the moment as lot of people are asking about it.But alot of these names in the posts are in the top popular names lists and i am trying to avoid them if possible, cos her school will be full of them sadly. I like cadence, cadey for short, but my name is jade - jadey. And i feel this would clash. I also have to be careful about clashing with her older sister's name Lacey, or brother Peter. They are my partners children but live with us. I don't want something like hailey, rather that has the sound or flow that is feminine , girlie and pretty , opposed to something hard or sharp sounding. I would also prefer something with 2 or more syllables as Rayne is 1 syllable and the middle name two on taylor for the last name. The awkward thing is i love and appreciate alot of names, but whether i would use them for my lil baby is another thing. so i love helping the other guys with their questions and can do so with genuine affection. It is more precious to be right for your own, especially if you don't intend to have a bunch of kids. I know tori that i don't have to have it right now, but it is something i would like to resolve and have sorted rather than have a nameless daughter. I had a nameless sister for days and felt horrified for her. xxx

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    Ooh, your last post just made me think you might like Delaney nn Della!

    When you say you want the nns to be girly, can you give some examples of nicknames that you love? Do you like vintage type nicknames such as Millie or Nellie?
    Not expecting, just planning and building lists!

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    I like delaney, maybe not della would probably have used laney, but oh doesn't like it :/ it is hard to agree with two of you, but i am sure it beats being a single parent lol. I like nn Lele, not keen on nellie ( nellie the elephant) liking some cute versions though not all think it depends on the long names , trying to think of examples for you .... lola, libby, cadey, gracie though can't use it as cousins middle name, and rhymes with her sister lacey, casey - again sadly rhymes with her sissy. It is hard to give you examples cos if there were lots of names i loved the nicknames for i would have a name by now lol x x

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