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    Losing strength in the name hunt! First name needed!?

    Okay so sorry this is like my 5th question this week. But everything is failing , and I am sure that other parents know how hard the name search can be sometimes.... We thought maybe Hailey Rayne but now i have noticed the weather indication in those two names I don't like it anymore. Though for sentimental value, family links and the meanings I am thinking I would like to use Rayne as a middle name. Does anyone have ideas for a first name to go with that please?
    For more information I would appreciate names that are not overly popular unless you think they really really suit and flow well. I am strongly trying to avoid her being the 7th person in her class with the same name. I like old names and newer names, but nothing too wacky , no strange spellings and preferably with a nice meaning. I am so strung out searching and coming up with nothing, I have looked through so many lists and searched and please don't be offended if I don't pick your names, I have seen so many and know what i like or don't like. I really need help and not many people are responding when i post so , it is really hard. I am really afraid of her not having a name. If it was a boy I would be okay. As it is a lovely princess I am a little stuck.... I do like more girlier names and names that flow well off the tongue, rather than harder more chic popular names like eden or tiegan. I would preferably like one that had a cute nickname too.

    So ideas please for middle name Rayne last name Taylor .....

    ........... Rayne Taylor.

    Here's hoping for a miracle lol. x

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