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Thread: It is terrible?

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    Fort Knox immediately springs to mind.

    Other than that, Ford makes me think of Ford Prefect from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Knox reminds me of Harry Potter spells. I like both though and think if you like them and you don't mind those connotations, why not go for it!
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    I didn't think about Fort Knox until reading the other replies, but I can see how that would become a joke if you were calling your kids' names at a playground or similar.

    The names seem strongly American to me-- like "heartland" American. With Ford, I instantly think of the car manufacturer and then the former president. I don't have any mental association for Knox. Just seems like a trendy name ending in "x" (see Dax, Jax, Maddox) Not my style but I think they might work better for middle names.

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    I really like the name Ford it's manly and different.

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    I think Ford is okay, it isn't my style, but its not terrible. I prefer it over Knox.
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    Quote Originally Posted by merrybells View Post
    Ford isn't. Have you read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy? If not, be warned that this (old but popular) book has a character named Ford Prefect who isn't someone you want your child's name to be associated with.
    Thank you! This was my exact thought!!! However, I wonder whether this connection will have faded for the next generation... Knox is ok.
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