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Thread: It is terrible?

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    I think they work better as middle names. They hold no appeal for me. Fordallen and Fordarcher run into each other so the flow isn't ideal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by greyer View Post
    Ford and Knox = Fort Knox.

    I'd go with one or the other, and personally prefer Ford by far. I just think "noxious" when I hear Knox, and/or the Jolie-Pitt baby, sorry.
    This is my thoughts exactly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by merrybells View Post
    Knox is NMS, but I think it's fine.
    Ford isn't. Have you read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy? If not, be warned that this (old but popular) book has a character named Ford Prefect who isn't someone you want your child's name to be associated with.
    I think of Ford Prefect too when I hear it as a first name, or the car make in general.
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    Knox and Ford to me is just too much because of Fort Knox.

    That said I'm not a fan of either name, but if I had to choose, I would go with Knox because Ford just makes me think truck...

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    Quote Originally Posted by alexa400 View Post
    Ford and Knox would be too similar to Fort Knox, though I like Ford especially as a middle
    This is my first thought too...but I don't hate Ford. I think it's one of those names that grows on people even if they don't originally like it. My son has a friend named Atlas. I thought it was a dumb name at first but now I don't ever even think about it being odd.

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