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    A brother for Soren. Soren and ?

    I could really use some help choosing a name for my baby boy! When I was pregnant with my son Soren, I just immediately LOVED his name! I haven't felt that way about anything this time around.... It seems that there are a lot of names that I LIKE, but nothing that just hits me, and I really want to feel in LOVE with the name! Maybe I just need to live with a few names in my head for a while in order to be convinced?!

    I would appreciate any input, ideas, suggestions, and feedback from you berries

    Here are some names that I really like:

    Dashiell (pronounced DA-shul) - Soren and Dash

    August - sounds strong, Germanic, but still hippie (which I love) and I like Auggie or Gus as a nn, pairs well with Soren - Soren and August

    And some names that are on my list:

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