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    Please help with name suggestions

    I feel like I'm posting on here every other day for name advice, but I am having such a hard time committing to a name. I'm due with boy #2 in August. Big brother's name is Noah William. I think my problem is that I like more unusual names, but I tend to be more on the conservative side and therefore I am afraid to commit to any names that might been seen as too different. However, I'm afraid to go with a really common or popular name and have my son be one of many with the same name. When we picked Noah's name, it was getting popular but wasn't nearly as popular as it is now.

    Can you give me suggestions based on the following list? Thanks for your help.

    Eli - This was my top pick but hubby is not feeling it
    Shepherd - I love this name and so does hubby but my conservative side is making me afraid of committment
    Jedidiah - I really like this name (hubby does too), but I really am not sure about a 4 syllable name with a 3 syllable last name.
    Wyatt - Hubby's top pick, but I am not feeling it

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